The history of telecommunications

We invite you to discover the history of telecommunications, from the telegraph, through the telephone, and to the internet; and how our lives change along with technology.

Come and discover a space designed to open a door to history, technology and human communication.

The Telecommunications Museum invites you to explore the efforts that many cultures have made to communicate during different times in history: from the inventions in times with no electricity, through the telegraph and the telephone, all the way to satellite and internet communication. Then you will be able to reflect and think about our own lives, how telecommunications shape our interactions, particularly from the point of view of those who live in southern Chile.

  • Why a museum of telecommunications?

    Telecommunications, i.e., the transmission of information over long distances, significantly shape the world we live in. Knowing the history of its development also means tracing back the history of all human communication, and particularly ours.

  • Explore the museum

    This museum invites you to explore and experiment this global adventure, highlighting the pioneering labor of those who developed telecommunications worldwide and in our country, uniting the people of this unique and challenging territory that is southern Chile.

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